Custom Cloud-Based and Mobile Applications for Your Business


We design and build a broad range of cloud solutions, ranging from simple every day tracking systems to robust enterprise-wide data warehouse and reporting systems. Each solution we build is custom designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Evolytix offers a unique blend of analytic expertise, operational experience, and technical know-how. This, combined with the ability to access your data from any web browser or mobile device, results in a very powerful tool.

Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise Data Management

Comprehensive planning to ensure a clearly defined and organized management strategy is in place for efficiently managing your organization's data.

  • For many organizations, data management is a giant and costly puzzle. With numerous expensive enterprise data systems in place, organizations constantly struggle to effectively capture the right information and to organize it correctly. Once captured efficiently, the next question becomes how to use data effectively to ensure return on investment.
  • Evolytix's Enterprise Data Planning create enterprise-wide data management frameworks that transform diverse data assets into highly-functioning networks. Evolytix begins by analyzing an organization's existing data management framework, policies and procedures, system inter-connectivity, and data aggregation opportunities, in addition to the technical skill level of an existing workforce. Following a comprehensive review, Evolytix renders a data management architecture that harnesses the full power of the organizations data and systems.
  • With a comprehensive Evolytix plan in place, clients begin to realize cost savings and profit from poorly or underutilized data, unrealized efficiencies, increased productivity and inconspicuous business intelligence.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Innovative data analysis which drive improvements in productivity, operational efficiency and enhanced revenue potential.

  • We provide companies with a competitive advantage through strategies such as data mining, data analysis, standard and ad-hoc reporting, data maintenance, and more.
  • Leveraging these services through Evolytix helps organizations drive operational efficiency, upscale existing data processes, and implement effective policies and procedures while concurrently lowering costs and increasing productivity and revenue.

Custom Data Management Solutions

Custom Data Management Solutions

Custom desktop and cloud-based database applications to meet the unique goals of your organization.

  • Data today is ubiquitous, as are systems for managing, warehousing, analyzing, and archiving it. Data is also a powerful business critical tool when leveraged to its full potential. Standard data management systems, however, often greatly vary in how well they manage, manipulate and aggregate data. Reporting capabilities can often be packaged and inflexible. Evolytix's Custom Data Management Solutions are designed specifically to unleash the full potential of an organization's data.
  • Whether organizations are looking to build a custom desktop management tool, an online or cloud-based dashboard or a combination of both, Evolytix's creative data management solutions enable organizations to powerfully and quickly access the hidden power of data in order to streamline processes, aggregate data and unlock new business intelligence. With a new custom-built solution at your fingertips, you'll be driving the potential for more efficiency, increased productivity lower costs and increased revenue.

Training Services

Training Services

Complete Microsoft Excel and Access training designed specifically for your organization.

  • Evolytix's Training Services consists of complete Microsoft Excel and Access training designed specifically to an organization's needs. Our expert-led training focuses on providing employees with the skills to master Microsoft Excel and Access and enable them to extract the full value these tools have to offer. When used to their full potential, spreadsheets and database tools help users analyze and mold data in ways that drive significant value for your organization.
  • Many organizations have MS Excel and MS Access installed across their organizations, but don't assure that employees leverage these tools. In fact, it is quite possible that employees only scratch the surface when it comes to its true potential.
  • Evolytix can help discover the enormous power of utilizing Excel and Access for an organization's data management needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Evolytix do?

Evolytix helps organizations analyze, track, and report data more efficiently and effectively.

Why Evolytix?

We offer analytic expertise, problem solving proficiency, and operational experience to help you define the problem and the technical know-how to build the necessary IT solution(s) to solve it. Other consulting groups may offer a background in business analytics OR the IT expertise, but rarely both.

How can Evolytix save you money?

Efficient and effective data management can produce dramatic savings in the short and long term. For example, in the short term, you may notice the savings through reduced staffing needs. In the longer term, you may discover previously unforeseen revenue potential or possibilities to consolidate redundant processes.

What types of organizations can benefit from these services?

Many different types of organizations can greatly benefit from these services, including state and local governments, school districts, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, retail companies, and healthcare providers. While vastly different in the products and service they provide, these organizations all rely on a plethora of data to support day to day operations as well as the implementation of overall goals and objectives.

Where can I find a comprehensive list of services provided by Evolytix?

We offer a wide range of services, from simple ways to using spreadsheets to the development of robust business intelligence systems. Please select the "Services" menu above to view a comprehensive list of services.

What happens after our contract with Evolytix is over/on-going maintenance?

Evolytix provides ongoing support and counsel to clients after completion of a project.

What geographic areas does Evolytix serve?

Evolytix is based out of the NYC metro area, but serves clients across the United States.

I'd like to learn more, but I'm not ready to commit. What should I do?

Our initial consultation is free of charge and includes an assessment of your data management practices. We gladly provide this with no obligation.

What our clients have to say

Don't take our word for it! This is what a few of our clients have to say about the services we provide.

Performance Management, Inc.

Thanks so much for becoming a PMi "Partner" while you were helping us develop the software for our Performance-based Compensation Plan. We were and remain gratified with your intense listening skills that ensured that you actually "got it". It was very comforting to know that you understood what we were looking for, sometimes before we did. That anticipation not only shortened the development cycle but at the same time, it preempted problems down the road.

It didn't hurt that your technical expertise was well beyond our expectations even to the point of being able to translate technical language to plain English. As it turned out, that was very important to our financial services and CVB clients and ended up being fully integrated into our communication and training programs.

Establishing a very easy personal relationship instead of a strict business relationship helped a great deal as well, in particular making yourself available when we needed help right away. It seems simple, but given that we've been in business for 24 years and have had relationships with many software firms, we understand that it not always so easy and we are grateful.

— David Camner, Senior Partner, Performance Management, Inc.

Launch Math Achievement Centers

Thank you so much for designing and building the Launch Learning database software. This system will dramatically improve the process for managing student assessments and curriculum at Launch Math Achievement Centers.

Prior to engaging Scott's services, we relied heavily on cumbersome spreadsheets and paper-based methods to manage the assessment and curriculum process. This was terribly inefficient and placed an unnecessary burden on myself and the entire staff at Launch. Scott took a unique approach in first understanding our business and subsequently developing an excellent product that was completely catered to our very unique needs.

Scott's knowledge of business processes, as well as his technical expertise was a refreshing departure from traditional IT/software consultants and, ultimately, made all the difference. This allowed us to focus on what we really needed the system to do, and not get caught up in technical nuances. Furthermore, Scott's multi-phase development process ensured that the final product would be exactly what we had expected.

It was a great pleasure working with Scott and we look forward to our continued relationship.

— Scott Heifetz, Director, Launch Math Achievement Centers

Long Island Candy and Toy

So far all is well!! We are very happy with the system and the work that you did for us. You have been there every step of the way and for that a big THANK YOU!!

— Eric Rogers, Long Island Candy and Toy

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